summer camp

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I can not wait to go to summer camp. I am going with my boy scout troop. We are going to Ingersoll scout camp. This is my 2nd year. My favorite thing to do is  go to open shot gun and open rifle. The worst thing is the heat.  It is so hot most of the time, but that does not stop us from having a good time.  Thank you for reading.


10 gas saving tips:

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1.Ensure that your tires are properly inflated.  2.Check your coolant system every other year.  3. Get an oil change, regular oil changes help prevent engine wear and can even save you gas money.   4.Get a basic tune up, a poorly tuned engine can reduce fuel efficiency. To ensure your cars performance, be sure to get a tune up once a year.  5. Don’t speed.   6. Get a car wash, it is true that a clean vehicle improves  aerodynamics and long distances can improve fuel efficiency and save gas.  7.Check your air filter, a dirty air filter makes it hared to breathe and hurts gas mileage.   8. Roll down the windows.  9. Park in the shade.  10. Don’t overload the roof rack, lots of stuff on the roof makes drag and hurts your fuel efficiency.  Thanks for reading.

1969 dodge charger

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hi I have something from the past this time.1969 was a busy year for dodge.They released two special versions of the charger that year to be  better compete.The first they made the 500 charger it was basically a 1968  with improved like a flush mounted coronet grille .the charger 500 had some racing success . But dodge was not done they made the charger Dayton the most outrageous muscle car of the era. In the front the Dayton pointed 18 inch nose had a lot of attention.The Dayton retained the 500 recessed back light but added a wing.They where priced at $4,000 the Dayton were available with a 440 engine or 426 hemi  and the 503 examples were eventually sold. this car was no cruising car it was built for speed they could top out over 150 mph.  I find some pic so you can see the car.

Dodge Charger photographed in Montreal, Quebec...

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Image by Sherlock77 (James) via Flickr


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I have a 1987 dodge pick up. That is why I am happy that dodge won the motor trend truck of the year. GO dodge! The winning truck is a ram 3500, it can tow 17,000 pounds. It comes with a 6.7 liter Cummins turbo-diesel. It puts out 350 horsepower and 650 feet pounds of torque. It can hold 1 ton, now that is cool. That is all the up side to it, but the down side is they run about $52,390.Thank you for reading.

Hello world!

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I like to drive my truck and everything else with wheels.  I like guns too.  I am a first class boy scout.